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Why has Irish Water called for a national hose-pipe ban?

Jun 10, 2020

Irish Water has called for a nationwide hose-pipe ban. This means that for the next six weeks, we will be limited in how we use water. This National Water Conservation Order, or hose-pipe ban, will be in effect from now until midnight on 21st July. All buildings; both domestic and commercial, are included in this ban.  

This means that the use of a hose-pipe for activities such as the following will all be prohibited:

  • Washing a car, van, bike etc.
  • Power hosing
  • Watering garden plants 
  • Filling paddling pools or ponds (excluding fish ponds)

Ideally, people should use rainwater instead of a hose-pipe. Water butts are the perfect solution and a great alternative.

Why is there a hose-pipe ban? 

The hose-pipe ban is to conserve water this summer, and to avoid an even greater crisis of water scarcity this summer. Met Eireann has recorded May 2020 as the driest month since 1850, and this has generated an increased need for water nationwide. Water usage actually went up by 20% this May 2020. Niall Gleeson, the managing director of Irish water, has said that using a hosepipe for only one hour, is the equivalent of the daily water usage for a whole day of the average family.

Does the pandemic matter here?

While everyone is at home during lockdown, more water is being used than normal. Activities using water have become more common, like long bath times, longer showers, and increased hand washing.  This hose-pipe ban does not mean that we can’t water our flowers this summer, or still fill up our paddling pools, because MyEcoHub has just the natural solution. 

Have you ever heard of a Water Butt?   

A water butt collects rainwater. Even in these times of water scarcity, one hour of Irish rainfall on the roof of our homes can more than fill the average 200 litre water butt.  With a range of sizes, shapes, styles and colours in ready-to-use containers placed in your back garden, these water butts provide a truly sustainable alternative solution. With a tap system attached, a water butt is the perfect garden champion.  Rainwater is also free of any treatment chemicals such as chlorine and fluorides which surprise, surprise, is even better for plants! If you’re feeling adventurous, the naturally softer rainwater also has the perfect components to provide a hair wash that will shine for days. 

If you would like to learn more about Water Conservation in the home and how you can make a difference check out our previous articles.