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How To ‘See’ What You Breath

Jun 9, 2017

The AirVisual Air Quality Monitor

The importance of ‘seeing’ what you breath is something that is often overlooked. When people think about clean or dirty air, it is usually in reference to the outdoors. However, indoor air quality can cause significant problems too. The AirVisual air-quality monitor allows people to measure and identify pollutants in the home which, according to the device’s creator, has the ability to ward off significant illnesses.

An article on identified that you spend 80-90 percent of time indoors. Therefore, the ability to monitor and control indoor air quality can help protect you and your family’s health. The device’s founder, Boquillod stated that by using the monitor “I have the visibility of how much pollution my children are breathing”.

The Node can measure particles up to 10 micrometers (PM10) in diameter, which includes dust. Particles smaller than PM10 can be inhaled into the lungs and get past the body’s normal defense systems, eventually entering the bloodstream, Boquillod said. This can give rise to health issues like eye, nose and throat irritation, he added. The smallest particles can wedge deeply into the lungs, causing respiratory infections, bronchitis and even lung cancer, according to the EPA. 

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