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Wild Spirituality Journey to the Green Heart of Being

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Spirituality as nature intended.

Wild spirituality inspires us to reveal our innate mysticism with integrity, becoming the most insightful, empathetic and eloquent version of ourselves- the wild self.

This re-wilding enhances our lives… for the good of all.

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Wild Spirituality shares a way of living well that is as unique as the individual experiencing it. Author, Poppy Palin offers a direct means of witnessing reality in all its aspects, revealing a way to the green heart of being that is untamed but never undisciplined. Many of us now feel an authentic, autonomous impulse to understand and experience all expressions of existence, be they seen or unseen, human or non-human.

Wild Spirituality accompanies the reader through this process of re-awakening, encouraging us to witness the life-force inherent in all creation as well as appreciating our own particular dance in the wild dream of life. Living a deeply connected, and essentially natural, spirituality encourages inner and outer balance. It allows us to experience infinite consciousness – the Source of All Being – whilst simultaneously remaining grounded with meaningful, earth-honouring practices. Through this seamless uniting of the questing, empathetic and intuitive aspects most needed in today’s world we may live more fully, with genuine compassion, integrity and awareness.

Wild Spirituality advocates a means of expressing our inherent mysticism that is poetic, wholesome and mutually beneficial. It firmly rooted in the author’s own life-practice and extensive empirical examination of the hidden aspects of existence.


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