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Water Rocket Science Kit

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Build your own rocket using just a bottle, water, and a bike pump. Demonstrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Using water pressure and air pressure from a bike pump (not included), this rocket soars into the air, reaching heights of almost 200 feet!

Key features:

  1. The 4M Water Rocket Kit uses the power of water pressure to blast its rocket up to 30 feet in the air.
  2. The kit contains all the parts required to transform a recycled soda bottle into a functioning water rocket.
  3. This kit is ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those interested in rocketry and space flight.
  4. Detailed instructions for use and care are included. Adult supervision recommended.
  5. This kit requires the use of a bicycle pump (not included).
  6. Challenge your child’s imagination with 4M toys and kits.

This kit includes 1 plastic bottle (rocket body), 4 fins (one for spare), 1 fin support, 1 stopper, 1 stopper connector, 1 pump connector, 1 extension tube, and an informational instruction manual. You supply adult supervision and a bicycle pump.


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