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Ventimax Food Waste Kitchen Caddy

9.76 inc. VAT

The Ventimax Food Waste Caddy is cleverly designed to help your tea-bags, fruit skins and food scraps dry out.

This caddy comes with a pack of compostable caddy liners so you can be set up and ready to go quickly. The design of this caddy means that smells are controlled as the waste is dried out and there is less need to wash out as the food doesn’t pool and rot.

By drying the waste out, the weight is reduced, thus putting less impact on the kerbside waste service. Also, the reduction of smells mean the people who pick up your bin will be happy.

Alternatively when the bag is full of scrap wasste, these liners can be placed directly into domestic compost bins or disposed of via local compost collection schemes. In normal composting conditions, these bags will degrade within 7- 10 days with no detrimental effect on the composting process leaving no toxic residue.

The caddy stands at 30 cm including the lid handle.

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Please note : A role of 25 bags are included with the initial purchase and can be bought separately from myecohub.com


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