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Flushwiser Water Saving Toilet Cap

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Innovative Water Saving DeviceFlush-wiser is unique in that it reduces water use without the loss of WCefficiency. It helps to reduce water consumption without compromisingon hygiene.Flush-wiser is an innovative water saving device for toilets that hasenormous environmental benefits, and will save you water and moneywith every flush.Flush-wiser works by allowing your toilet to fill with air instead of water -the more air in…….the more water saved!This unique design is fixed to the siphon therefore will not interfere withthe toilet’s flushing mechanisms, it is totally adjustable and will last thelifetime of your cistern.Unique designMoney saving, low costSimple, quick and easy to installTotaly adjustablePermanent fixtureWill not block the flush mechanismApprox 3ltr saving per flushRequires drilling a 7mm hole

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The key benefits of Flush-wiser over and above displacement devices are:

Flush-wiser is not a displacement device.
Flush-wiser is unique in that it allows air into
the siphon, which in turn reduces the amount
of water used to flush the WC. The more air
coming into the siphon, the less water used to
flush (hence the differing sized holes in the
Flush-wiser unit) and the greater the saving on
water costs and environmental benefit.
· With Flush-wiser the amount of water used to
flush the WC can be adjusted to suit each
cistern on an individual basis, depending upon
cistern size and performance. This is not
possible with displacement devices. For
example, a 9 litre cistern, with Flush-wiser can be
adjusted to flush 6 litres, which is sufficient
volume for hygiene purposes (i.e. clearing the
waste) and saves 3 litres of water every
single flush.


Each incremental setting, 1 to 5 will save you approximatley 10% of the whole volume of water flushed in your cistern.

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