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150L Water Butt – Terracotta Effect

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The 150L Moroccan Beehive Water Butt has a luxurious terracotta effect, designed to replicate the look of ceramic. This designer water butt is will make an attractive garden feature.

Beat the Irish water shortages with an additional 150 litres of water available for domestic use in the very likely event of further Irish water restrictions.

Capacity: 150 Litres
Dimensions: W60cm x D60cm x H77cm




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Terracotta Styled Water Butt 150L

The 150L Terracotta Styled Water Butt  is designed to replicate the look of ceramic moroccan behive. This designer water butt

will make an attractive garden feature.

The terracotta styled water butt  is a great economy water butt option to begin rainwater harvesting at home. It can collect up to 150 Litres of rainwater. We recommend using the good Diveter & Filter to collect and filter rainwater before it enters your water butt.

Used correctly, it will provide all the water you need to keep your garden alive throughout the long hot summer months.

Even without water supply restrictions and the water meter controversies, it still doesn’t make sense to be using high quality treated drinking water on your garden. This means using rainwater from a water butt on your plants, delivering it with a watering can or drip irrigation system and mulching your soil. This way you can have a beautiful, living garden which uses a very small amount of water.

You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint as each household has half a tonne of water delivered to their door every day. The energy costs associated with treating and pumping this water are huge.

Outdoor water use accounts for around 7% of the total water use, but in the summer this can rise to over 50% of peak demand. However, this is one of the easiest areas to save water as we don’t need to waste valuable tap water on our plants. Plus, plants actually prefer rainwater – it is better for them.

With ever increasing Irish water scarcity and restrictions this water butt has the added advantage of supplying 150 litres (re-filling) for domestic use in the event of mains water shortages. the use of water butts in Ireland is going to be of greater importance as the likelihood of further water supply interruptions increase with repairs to the ageing water pipe network.77


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