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OWL energy with TimerOWL energy with Timer

Starter Eco-Box -Energy

53.65 inc. VAT

  1. Owl micro energy Monitor.
  2. The Watt footprint Book – The smart citizens guide to save energy in the built environment.
  3. The Ansmann rundown timer plug.

Items Valued at 72.99 when sold separately!

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Start you Eco-friendly journey today with our starter eco energy box.

The Eco-box Energy includes the following;

  • The OWL Micro Electricity Monitor which allows you to monitor your homes electricity usage.  Identifying how much power you use and where it is going is a fundamental step in saving on electricity. Owl’s Micro+ is a basic unit that will allow you to put in your electricity rates and will calculate your usage, cost and co2 emissions.
  • Paul O Reilly’s informative book ‘Watt Footprint”.  This book offers the reader basic information that helps them make educated decisions on how to save energy in the home and work place.
  • The ansmann rundown timer plug. The intelligent timed AES 1 outlet automatically disconnects the connected consumers (e.g. heaters, irons, pumps, printers, copiers, coffee machines and many other energy consumers) from the mains after a pre-set operating time (15 min. – 8 hrs.). Thus, the power consumption in standby mode is equal to zero. This not only protects the environment but also saves you money. Operation is very simple.


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