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Netatmor Smart Radiator Valve My Eco HubNetatmor Smart Radiator Valve My Eco Hub

Smart Wifi Radiator Valves

89.99 incl. VAT

Use in conjunction with Netatmo Smart Wifi Thermostat to take control of individual radiators and save even more energy.

Save energy without compromising on comfort: Fitted on hot water radiators, the Netatmo smart valves regulate heating on a room by room basis. Set the hearing schedule for each room, adapted to the lifestyle of the inhabitants. By having better control over their energy consumption, users can save up to 37% of the energy used to heat their home.

Individual Room Comfort: Fine tune your comfort temperature and heat according to individual room use.

Open Window Detection: Effectively avoid energy wastage.

Smart Regulation: The valve adjusts heating according to sunshine levels and room use.

Manual Boost: Temporarily increase the temperature of a room at any time by manually turning the valve or adjusting its temperature from the app.

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