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The Sick House Survival Guide

19.00 inc. VAT

The Sick House Survival Guides steps to healthier homes:

  • Keep track of environments that make you sick
  • Discover sanctuary spots where you can sleep
  • Isolate foods that compromise your system
  • Purify your air
  • Lift the burden of synthetic fabrics
  • Deal with your tap water
  • Reduce your exposure to EMFs

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More people suffer from indoor pollution—from chemical sensitivities—than diabetes nowadays, often with little help from the medical profession stuck with outdated research from the 1980s. Sufferers are frequently diagnosed with “anxiety” or allergies, and returned to the very environments that have made them sick in the first place. Angela Hobbs wants to change all that with The Sick House Survival Guide by helping you achieve a healthy home.

The Sick House Survival Guide tells the story of how indoor pollution from a newly renovated house brought the author’s regular, healthy life to a standstill—and how she successfully overcame it. In the first part, Angela Hobbs relates her downward health spiral, followed by that of her children. In desperation, she invented her own systematic search for answers, and eventually triumphed over this invisible monster. Part Two ties together existing research into the interaction of chemicals, hormones, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and outlines a series of interactive steps that readers can follow to identify problematic environments and transform their sick house into a healthy home.

Of vital interest to parents of asthmatic children, siblings of chronically fatigued adults, or spouses of chemically sensitive seniors, The Sick House Survival Guide will also be essential reading for victims themselves.


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