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OWL Intuition CWOWL Intuition CW

OWL Intuition CW Smart Heating

With the new OWL Intuition CW Smart Heating Control home owners can…

  • Take control of their heating and hot water using ant internet connected device – desktop, laptop, tablet or even Smartphone and from wherever they happen to be – at work, on holiday, even on the train home.
  • Save up to 20% on their heating bills
  • Use the OWL Intuition web dashboard to control their heating and hot water savings online.
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Product Features of OWL Intuition CW

  • OWL Intuition CW Smart thermostat allows web based control of a single heating zone (additional zones can be added – see Options).
  • Programmable timeclock and temperature control; which intelligently calculates when to turn on to maximise benefit.
  • Replaces existing wired heating controls with flexible wireless modules to fit anywhere in the home.
  • Access via mobile device or PC to smartphone app or web dashboard – wherever you have internet. Turn the heating on if you’re coming home early; or turn it off if you’ve left it running.

How does it work?

OWL Intuition CW Smart Heating Control is an Internet dashboard based solution that gives the home owner complete control over their heating and hot water from a remote location using any internet connected computer or device – even a smartphone.

With a combi boiler system, the home owner will have a compact and stylish Room Sensor that replaces their existing room thermostat. This provides simple heating control with 3 push-button settings – Comfort, Standby and Away. The Room Sensor links to the OWL Intuition dashboard vie the Network OWL Gateway plugged into their internet router.

OWL Intuition C Smart Heating kit is supplied with comprehensive fully illustrated step instructions for installers and a downloadable user guide for the home owner.

  • easy professional installation with comprehensive step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • For new and retrofit installations with options for combi boiler and conventional systems
  • Stylish, wireless or wired Room Sensor with 3 push button settings- Comfort, Standby and Away.
  • Easily integrates with OWL’s top selling wireless energy monitors giving home owners additional ways to help cut their energy bills.

OWL Intuition-c consists of the following:

  • Network OWL Gateway x1
  • Intuition Room Sensor  x1
  • Wireless Relay Unit  x1


  • OWL Intuition-cw can support the following additions:
  • Up to 8 additional Intuition Room Sensors to support additional heating zones (where the heating system has separately controllable zones)*
  • Up to 3 additional Intuition Relay Units to support additional wirelessly controlled heating zones (where the heating system has separately controllable zones)*
  • Electricity monitoring functionality via a 3-channel Transmitter unit with standard/large sensors


Please Note

OWL recommends that OWL Intuition C Smart Heating Controls are installed by a qualified heating engineer. Not all boilers can accept external thermostats. Please contact your boiler manufacturer to find out if your boiler is able to accept an external control.

About OWL

OWL is the UK’s leading brand of intelligent wireless energy monitoring and control products, with over 1 million units sold. The new Smart Heating Control range is based on the same proven and completely dependable wireless technology and complements their established and best-selling energy monitoring products.


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