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Work Zone Outside Tap Cover

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Water Tap Cover Frost Protector provides a complete insulation solution for outside taps during frost and ice spells. Prevents exposed taps from freezing due to water ice expansion. Quick and easy to install and remove when tap is not in use. Polystyrene insulated cap which pulls tight against the surrounding area of the tap, sealed with a foam lip to shut out cold air. Creates an enclosed non-freeze area around the tap. Air is a good thermal insulator, so long as it isn’t allowed to circulate in large-scale convection currents. The foam is almost all air, but it’s trapped in tiny plastic pockets, preventing circulation. polystyrene wont degrade if it absorbs water so your outside tap cover will last for a long time.

outside tap cover is made from insulating polystyrene, for use on outside taps.

W: 160-110mm      D:130-80mm          H:130mm

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