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toilet water savertoilet water saver

Mecon Toilet Water Saver

24.95 inc. VAT

When the toilet is flushed, the user simply presses a button to stop the flush when the toilet bowl is cleared.

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Mecon Toilet Water Saver  can be fitted to your toilet in less than 5 minutes with no plumbing required. It puts you in control of water usage and reduces water bills and water wastage

typical savings:
  • Toilet water: 50%
  • Schools: 30%
  • Hotels: 25%
  • Householders: 20%

Operated by simply pressing a button

save water, save money, save the environment


Mecon water saver button, locking nut, tube, tube connector, label, special mecon drill bit.


  1. Remove cistern lid on toilet
  2. Fit the mecon water saver in the alternative handle hole either right or left. (The simplest method of fitting is to press the locking ring into hte hole on the inside and rotate Part A onn the outside, Do not use excessiv force to secure button, as this could distortbutton house and cuase button to jam.)
  3. Drill a hole in the siphon head with the special Mecon drill bit provided i nthe kit, (This special drill bit is placed in the tube connector for safety reasons). Use a high speed on your drill. Recommeneded drill seed in between 1000 and 3000 rpm. If installing more than one Mecon Water Saver, the same special Mecon drill bit can be used. Before drilling the second hole removee te piece of plastic from around drill needle.
  4. Push end of tube over the tube connector and press this firmly into button with rube facing siphon head.
  5. Insert the other end of the tube in the drilled hole. (Insertion depth about 8mm) Ensure the tube is not “kinked” at any point as this will restrict air flow. The tube can be cut with a scissors if too long.
  6. Replace lid of cistern and attach instruction label (instruction label is self-adhesive)


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