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stove thermometerstove thermometer

Stove Thermometer

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Viola magnetic stove thermometer monitors and optimises your stove efficiency

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  • Monitor stove temperature from 100-900 °F (40-480 °C)
  • Identifies the ideal burn temperature 260-575°F (125-300°C), pointer in the “optimum Performance” zone, where the fuel consumption, heat output is at its most efficient
  • “Creosote Buildup” indicates a temperature that is too low, which can cause creosote and tar deposits in the stove and chimney, and the buildup is a fire hazard
  • “Overheat” indicates a too hot temperature, which warns you’re burning excessive fuel, and risks of stove/ chimney/ stove fan damage.
  • For use on any hot steel or iron surface including stoves, BBQ, patio heaters, flue pipes or chimneys


  • Magnet attaches the thermometer to the stove
  • For best results, place the thermometer on the stove pipe 18″ (45cm) above the stove
  • For single wall flue pipe only, if not, it can also be placed on the stove top or the side of the stove


Aluminium dial, Brass pointer, back with magnet, metal handle, Bimetal thermometer sensor


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