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Healing Sick Houses

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Healing Sick Houses and Air quality

There is increasing evidence that illness can be brought on by electromagnetic stress from electricity transmission lines, microwave ovens or mobile phones. What is less known is that you can get ill from the disruption of energy lines which are part of the earth’s own subtle energy field. This is often called geopathic stress. Research conducted in Germany has shown how many cancers occur in homes where negative energy lines have been detected. There is now plenty of evidence that the health of people affected has improved when lines have been corrected. The book describes: – The earth’s subtle energy field and how it operates – How energy lines are disrupted and become negative – Cases of how people are affected by disrupted energy lines – The process of adjusting the negative lines – Bridges between physical and the subtle energies – Dowsing as detector and diagnostic tools – The healing process in geopathic terms – Conditions other than geopathic which can cause discomfort or illness – How to make your own house better

Both Roy and Ann are very experienced dowsers and healers. They have been teaching these subjects for over 30 years based on extensive practice. Healing sick houses is a very important topic today.
Until recent retirement they ran workshops and courses on Dowsing and Healing at their Somerset home, but currently respond to requests for their healing “sick houses” service at the rate of about 300 a year.


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