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Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter

24.38 inc. VAT

GM8 Group’s best-selling, award-winning Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter collects and filters rainwater before it enters your water butt or tank.

An ideal filtration solution. Recycle rainwater straight from your downpipe.

The standard length of hose in box is 500mm and longer lengths are available separately – Please contact us at www.myecohub.com for longer lengths.

Not just a standard diverter. A peace of mind solution to rain water collection. 

  • No ladders, no danger.
  • It can be fitted and maintained at ground level – quick and easy to clean.
  • Remove the filter basket and clean in less than 30 seconds – no blockages.
  • The unique filter prevents expensive and time consuming blockages from occurring to your water butt, hose and soakway.
  • Super-efficient collection. Once your waterbutt or tank is full, water is automatically diverted to flow down your downpipe as normal.
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Recycle rainwater straight from your downpipe. The UK’s best selling, award winning Diverter & Filter. The only rainwater diverter and rainsaver that filters all rainwater before it enters the water butt, tank, drain or soakaway.

The diverter then automatically shuts off the flow to the water butt when full. Collecting rainwater with the Gutter Mate is both simple and efficient, whether you are saving rainwater to a water butt, tank or a full rainwater harvesting system. Also available in brown or white.

Popular ways the Gutter Mate Diverter and filter is used:

  • To protect your soakway from blockages.
  • To collect filtered rainwater to keep your pond full of fresh water.
  • Irrigation for domestic and commercial gardens, lawns and greenhouses.
  • Collect and filter rainwater from your guttering and downpipe.
  • Rainwater for household appliances such as a washing machine or toilet.

Benefits of the Gutter Mate Rainwater Diverter and Filter

  • The only filter diverter which filters all the rainwater coming down the downpipe.
  • The only filter which allows you to use both outlets from the filter for your water collection and the water from both has been filtered.
  • Keeps you safe, no need to go up the ladder. Only takes 30 seconds to clean the filter.
  • Saves money – you don’t have to pay someone to clean your gutters
  • Debris from the guttering is collected in the filter. Clear gutters help protect roof joists from wet rot sometimes caused by blocked, full or overflowing gutter
  • Rainwater collection is easy efficient and cost effective.
  • You can use either the diverter outlet or the main outlet of the Gutter Mate to save your rain water. Whichever is used the water has been filtered.
  • Gutter Mate is the best protection you can get for your soakaway or drains – as all rainwater going into either has been filtered.
    • Inspection of the filter possible without dismantling.
    • Eliminates the need for the balloon/bell type strainer in the top of the drainpipe/downpipe.
    • The major cause of blocked gutters.
    • Helps protect roof joists and walls from damp.
    • Compatible with 60mm square downpipes if the wall thickness is 2mm or less.

What’s in the Box?

Each box contains:

  • Gutter Mate Filter Square to round adaptor for Square Downpipes
  • Blanking Cap for Diverter outlet, if needed
  • Hose Adaptor for Water Butt Screws and plugs for fitting Gutter mate to wall.
  • 500mm of hose to connect Gutter Mate to water butt or tank. Subject to distance between Gutter mate and water butt / tank a longer length of hose may be needed. Which is available on this link GutterMate hose

The GutterMate rainwater diverter and filter is made from Polypropylene and is available in Black or white, to suit the colour of your drainpipe.

The product is supplied with the fixing screws and mounting bracket. There are 5 parts to the filter which are a slide fit into each other. The filter basket filters all the rainwater which falls down the downpipe.

The user has the choice of using the Diverter outlet ( the smaller of the 2) or the main outlet to divert the rain water into a rainwater tub or rain water harvesting tank.

If the degree of filtration is inadequate for the use you are putting the rain water too, we have a Fine Mesh Insert available which fits into the filter basket and provides a far higher degree of filtration (800 micron). This will allow you to use the rainwater in your pressure washer and for washing the car.

If your guttering is attached to square downpipe, there is an adaptor in the box to allow the filter to be fitted to square drainpipes which are installed with close fitting brackets. If you have standard brackets you will not need the adaptor.

This rain water filter goes a long way to solving an age old problem associated with guttering and drainpipe systems on buildings. The biggest problem with guttering is it gets filled with leaves, stones, sand and moss. The result can be blockages or over flowing gutters.

This in turn can lead to damp penetrating the wall of your building or damp getting to the roof joists. Gutter blockage and overflow can lead to extremely expensive repairs to your property. The other problem associated with blocked guttering and drainpipes is the inherent danger of inspecting and cleaning them. Use of ladders should be avoided at all times if there is an alternative, namely the Gutter Mate Filter.

Downpipe (Drainpipe) Sizes

The GutterMate is designed to accept 68mm, 76mm and 80mm diameter and 65mm and 75mm square downpipes, without any adaptors or reducers, other than the square to round adaptor supplied with the filter, if needed as per the instructions. This adaptor is used if your square downpipe is fitted using “close fitting mounting brackets” to your house.

If the downpipe is fitted with “standoff mounting brackets”, the square to round adaptor is not needed. If the downpipe is larger than 80mm you will need a male to female reducer to get into the top of the filter. The GutterMate filter should not be used on downpipes larger than 100mm diameter and if using this diameter of downpipe consideration should be given as to the total roof area the filter is rainwater collecting from. The GutterMate rain water collecting filter can be used in the following applications.

Two common sizes of downpipe for Greenhouses, sheds and garages are 50 and 40mm diameter downpipes.In addition there are some metal downpipe sizes where the internal diameter of the pipe is too small to accept the main outlet of the Gutter Mate.

The filter can be used on these downpipes, when using these sizes a male female reducer will be needed for connection to the main outlet of the filter. The standard reducer available is 68mm female to 50mm, this can be used on either 40 or 50 mm. downpipe.



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