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Owl Energy Monitors

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Saving Energy Starts with Monitoring Energy
The first step in saving on your electricity bill is to find out how much electricity you are using. Then you can analyse the data to see how you are using you electricity and where you save. Owl energy monitors are ideal for this and come in different versions to suit your needs.

The Owl Micro+ Energy Monitor is great for use in the home or office and gives you real time information on your electricity usage. An upgrade to that is the Owl +Usb that adds lets you download the information to your PC to easily view your usage over the last month. The Owl Intuition-e is the first in a new range of smart electricity monitoring technology. It connects to your wifi and sends you usage data to the cloud. You can easily view this information online through your PC or smart phone by logging into the Intuition control panel. The Intuition series also come in three phase with normal or large sized clamps. All single phase models can be upgraded to 3-phase by purchasing additional clamps.

Owl’s intuition series also satisfy the criteria for grants from SEAI. The new Owl Solar-pv Energy Monitor is great for measurement and verification purposes.

Owl Energy Monitors are ideal for domestic and commercial use in homes, office, hotels, factories, farms and sheds. They are also useful checking electricity usage in rented apartments.