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Chemical Free Paint


AURO is the pioneering enterprise in the field of consistently ecological paints, wood care and cleaning products. AURO’s paints, stains, oils, waxes, cleaning and care products show that products manufactured from natural raw materials are highly efficient and offer a unique combination of high quality and ecological orientation.
All AURO products are free from chemical ingredients. A full list of ingredients in each product can be found on the products Technical Data Sheet or on the tin.
What is Natural Paint?

Natural Paint is free of chemical ingredients and is biodegradable.
Conventional paints contain a variety of toxins that must be carefully disposed of to prevent environmental contamination.
The benefit of AURO natural paints is that they are made with raw ingredients such as plant extracts, earth minerals and mineral pigments. AURO natural paints are not produced with petrochemical or synthetic ingredients.
AURO philosophy is based on “Gentle Chemistry” – Which means the natural paints are made with ingredients that are minimally processed and are also abundantly available such as organic Linseed.
In comparison, the main ingredients in conventional latex paints, such as petroleum products, are extremely energy intensive to produce.
Conventional Paint contain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are harmful to our health and the environment. We spend on average 90% of our lives indoors so choosing an eco-friendly paint like AURO which is Zero VOC can help improve your indoor air quality.

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