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OWL Energy Saving

Owl Energy Monitors help’s you track electricity usage.

OWL is a leading brand of intelligent wireless energy monitoring and control products, with over 1 million units sold.

With a track record of innovation, Owl are renowned for developing future-proof, stylish, high quality energy monitoring.

All backed up by unrivaled customer service.

Owl Energy Monitors Micro Home Electricity Saving

Energy Saving in the Home & Office

Owl Energy Monitors are ideal to keep track of your electricity usage at your house, office or apartment. Whether you want to see how much energy you use to boil the kettle or know the cost of running the washing machine for one full cycle these energy monitors will help you.

  • Owl Energy Monitors help you track electricity usage
  • They’re simple design and interface make them easy to use and understand.

Energy Monitors For Commercial Use

The Owl Intuition Range of Energy Monitors are perfect for Measurement & Verification required by many grants, including those from SEAI. The Intuition Monitors connect to your wifi and allow you to access your electricity usage on your smart phone and pc. They have a neat and user friendly dashboard for monitoring to view your information

The OWL Intuition web dashboard displays energy consumption data on any web enabled device. The dashboard shows a range of data over different time periods and this data can also be viewed on a versatile graph to home in on particular events and see exactly what is happening in the house across the day. For those who wish to delve deeper the data can be exported via a CSV file for further analysis.

For the more technically-minded, OWL Intuition also supports a data push feature which can live readings to your own software solution either over the local network or through the internet. Configuration of this is quick and easy through the online dashboard.

Real time and accumulated data can be viewed via Web browsers (including iPad), iPhone and Android smartphones. The system features clear summary information with trend indicators and “hover over” analysis.

Owl Energy Monitors for Commercial Use

Solar Panel Energy Monitors

Specifically designed to monitor Solar PV installations, OWL Intuition-pv provides real-time access to household electricity consumption and solar generation data from any Internet connected PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – from anywhere and anytime.

Which Owl Energy Monitor do I need?

All Owl Energy Monitors are accurate and simple to use, but there are different version depending on what you need.

Please see below for a comparison of what each energy monitor has to offer.

Owl Energy Monitor

Owl Micro+

Real Time Energy Monitor

Shows Total Energy Use

Calculates Cost, Energy & CO2 Emmision

More Info

Owl Micro Plus Electricity Energy Monitor

Owl +USB

Real Time Energy Monitor

Shows Detailed Energy Usage when connected to PC

More Info

Owl Smart Wifi Electricity Monitor

Owl Inuition-e

Connects to your Wifi

Online Control Panel (Free for 2 years, then €22.50/2yrs thereafter)

Single Phase

More Info

Owl Smart Wifi Electricity Monitor

Owl Intuition-lc

Connects to your Wifi

Online Control Panel (Free for 2 years, then €22.50/2yrs thereafter)

3 Phase

More Info

Owl Solar PV Intuition Electricity Monitor

Owl Intuition-pv

Connects to your Wifi

Online Control Panel (Free for 2 years, then €22.50/2yrs thereafter)

Solar Panel Monitor

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