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‘Our Planet’

Apr 5, 2019

Experience the Planets natural beauty and the effect climate change is having on the earth by tuning into David Attenborough’s ‘Our Planet’ tonight on Netflix. David makes it very clear in the documentary that the most immediate threat to Our planet is Climate change, and in particular the effects it is having on our oceans.

Since the Industrial Revolution human Activities, like the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation has increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to what we now call climate change. As a result of this our planet has suffered.  The good News is it’s not too late to make a change!

Taking small steps towards living a greener or more Eco-friendly life can create Ripple effect when it comes to a better future for our planet. In order to create a ripple someone must be the unconventional stone starting the ripple which will lead to a positive impact on our planet. 

Simple Steps towards Eco-Friendly living.

With these five simple and achievable steps you can help build towards Eco-Friendlier living and a greener Future.

Say Bye Bye to Stand by!

The less power consumed by appliances the less toxic fumes released by power plants.

Water Conservation is a must!

Fresh Clean Water is a limited resource, saver it.

Invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup! 

Twenty-two thousand coffee cups are thrown away every hour in Ireland, with a decomposition rate of 30 years. We are a small nation; can you imagine the total figure of Single-us coffee cups thrown away worldwide per day.

Use Plastic Free Alternatives!

Shampoo bottles, Food wrappers, Plastic bags the list goes on we are a nation dependent on plastic. Can you imagine the difference we could make to the planet if we took small steps to using Plastic free alternatives?

Plant a Tree!

Trees play a major role in producing the oxygen we breathe and cleaning carbon dioxide out of the air. Not to mention they make wonderful homes for many of earths beautiful animals.

The eight-part nature documentary series ‘Our planet’ is being released on the 5th of April on Netflix.

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