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Michael O Leary & Climate Change

Apr 9, 2017


Michael O Leary & Climate change

Michael of Ryanair fame was up to his usual antics on radio Saturday morning. He was blunt, humorous and certainly outspoken in his responses, in  the manner that we have come to love about his unique character.

That said, and much was said, one position that Michael has adopted leaves me unsettled and uncomfortable and simply can’t be let go unchallenged, unlike some of the more lighthearted tongue-in-cheek comments “I’ve nothing against cyclists I just wouldn’t eat one whole”

He does not believe in Climate Change and is in favour of gas/oil fracking. He is unashamedly in favour because fracking in his words it will keep a restraint on possible global fossil fuels price rises. He also said this morning that passenger costs are now at €40 average per person and he hopes to get this as low as €20 in the future. Of course this is the fundamental underlying business model for Ryanair… keep the fares low. Michael O Leary is a very much respected as a thought leader in business and his words are quoted and re-quoted by all media channels. His influence is wide, so more than ever we need Michael to review his stance of fossil fuel exploitation.

So here’s the issue. Why Frack the guts out of this fragile earth, cause untold damage to water supplies, climate change and the delicate biodiversity of the little blue planet … all for the sake of a few Euro price reductions in what is already accepted as the cheapest airfares. I am a regular Ryanair passenger and will gladly pay an extra amount if it keeps some sort of sustainability in the fuel mix of Ryanair.

I would respectfully request that Michael reviews his position on fracking as a means of curtailing the price of future fuel supplies. The cost to the environment is too high. If as CEO of Ryanair, Michael is unwilling/unable to change position perhaps he might do so on behalf of his own children, who will otherwise inherit a world on a glide path to a climate incompatible with human life.