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How to be eco-friendlier on holidays this summer.

May 28, 2019

Holiday season is upon us, and the question is how can you be more environmentally friendly on holidays?

It is easy when your on holidays to put your feet up and not worry about any aspect of your home life.

When we go on holiday, we usually feel more relaxed which is great for our health and well-being, but just because we are on holiday doesn’t mean we should turn our back on the environment.

Here are 10 simple steps you may be able to implement on your holiday.

1.In many countries tap water is still unsafe to drink, so many people use single-use plastic water bottles when trying to keep hydrated. Instead pack a reusable water bottle that has a built-in filter and drink tap water safely.

2. Trying to pack everything you ‘might need’ on holidays? Don’t. Be smart when packing for your holiday, for every extra Kg you pack the plane is letting off more Carbon emissions.

3. Opt for walking or public transport as a means of getting around on holiday. Not only will you will see more of the area, but you will reduce the pollution in the air from cars and taxis.

4. You may be staying in a hotel, but there is no need for your bed sheets and towels to be washed every day. Place the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door and conserve the electricity and water that would be used to wash them.

5. Never use the Hotel Laundry services. Hotels wash all guests’ clothes separate. That is a vast amount of unnecessary water waste. If you need to wash clothes on holidays bring them into the shower with you, let them soak while you shower and hang them out on a chair on your balcony.

6. If you are renting a car on holidays, go for a hybrid or electric car.

7. You’re on holidays so what better time than to swim with Dolphins? WRONG. Participating in these irresponsible tourist attractions shows demand for the captivity, abuse and cruelty inflicted on these poor animals. Please say no to all unethical animal tourist attractions.

8. Turn off the air con when leaving the hotel, apartment or villa. To keep the room cool, close the windows, curtains and blinds and keep the room dark.

9. Eat and Drink locally. Supporting local business will not only boost the local economy. The food your eating will be fresher, taste better, and overall be healthier. Supporting local businesses can reduce the travel distance used to get the food to you, therefore reducing the greenhouse gases.

10. Shop Responsibly. Don’t buy anything made from endangered plants/animals, unsustainable hardwoods or any souvenirs that exploit wildlife. Also, don’t support souvenir shops that support or are directly linked with unethical animal tourist attractions.

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