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Donald Trump’s great in DEED…

Jun 1, 2017

Donald Trump

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….etc”

Donald Trump is doing us a big favour on Climate Change. We citizens scarcely care about the Paris Accord and Climate Change let alone intend actually doing anything about it. We may at best, pretend to care, but are otherwise far too busy trying to keep pace with todays fossil fuel-ed lifestyles. Our world is engineered to run on fossil fuel, ours cars, homes, electrical worlds, shopping malls and all the stuff we need to buy has some connection somewhere with the fossil fuels we choose to pillage and burn on a daily basis.  The storey of the frog in the slow boiling pot comes to mind here interms of our apparent inability to act. At least Trump’s deeds, words and actions are in unison. He cares little about climate change and demonstrably prefers to promote the business-as-usual fossil fuel usage.

But who of us is different in DEED…