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Irish Climate Change action Strategy

Today the Government of Ireland unveiled a new climate change action strategy that will.. Read More

One single person is ingesting a credit card worth of plastic a week new study finds.

A study commissioned last week by Australia’s university of Newcastle states that the average.. Read More

Offshore wind farms proposed for Irish coast

Recently there has been a lot of talk about introducing multiple offshore renewable energy.. Read More

How to be eco-friendlier on holidays this summer.

Holiday season is upon us, and the question is how can you be more.. Read More

The Climate Crisis Bill Ireland

This day last week Ireland became the second country in the world to give.. Read More

Radon in the workplace – A new protection legislation requires employers to test for radon.

As of May 2019, it is now compulsory for employers in high radon areas.. Read More

Climate Change Simplified – What is going to happen to the planet and how long do we have?

It is a simple question many people do not know the answer to. We.. Read More

Water Conservation in the home and how you can make a difference!

Even though nearly 70% of the world is covered by water, only 2.5% of.. Read More

Ireland is the worst-performing Eu country in the fight against climate change.

Ireland has been named as the worst-performing Eu country in the fight against climate.. Read More

Is poor ventilation and bad air quality affecting your health?

Ventilation is the movement of fresh air to and from room, building, or area… Read More

‘Our Planet’

Experience the Planets natural beauty and the effect climate change is having on the.. Read More

5 Simple Tips to be more Eco-Friendly

Switching to Eco-Friendly doesn’t have to be a chore and can actually, for the.. Read More