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Radon in the workplace – A new protection legislation requires employers to test for radon.

As of May 2019, it is now compulsory for employers in high radon areas.. Read More

Climate Change Simplified – What is going to happen to the planet and how long do we have?

It is a simple question many people do not know the answer to. We.. Read More

Ireland is the worst-performing Eu country in the fight against climate change.

Ireland has been named as the worst-performing Eu country in the fight against climate.. Read More

‘Our Planet’

Experience the Planets natural beauty and the effect climate change is having on the.. Read More

Selfbuild Autumn 2018 Ask the Expert

MyEcoHub and ORS director, Paul O’Reilly’s advice for Selfbuild readers


Paul O’Reilly ORS -Podcast

Paul O’Reilly ORS -Smart Energy Citizen’s Guide To Saving Energy   Listen to Paul.. Read More

Watt Footprint

Healthy Buildings

HEALTHY BUILDINGS There’s a school of thought… if our homes and buildings are healthy.. Read More

Duncan Stewart

Climate Change and the role of every citizen Free Public Talk by Duncan Stewart.. Read More

Apple: Energy-efficient makeover

Apple: Energy-efficient makeover helps campus power ahead Apple’s newest addition to its Hollyhill campus.. Read More