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The EPA and HSE link poor air quality with an increase in hospital admissions

A new Irish study conducted by the EPA and the HSE finds a link.. Read More

The relationship between climate change and hurricanes – Is climate change making our hurricanes worse?

Climate change may not be the cause of the hurricanes, but it is certainly.. Read More

Why is it important to conserve water?

Conserving water means using our water supply wisely and responsibly. Water is the most.. Read More

How to be Eco-friendlier around the office?

Being environmentally friendly isn’t something that only has to be done in your personal.. Read More

Why every home should invest in an energy monitor

Energy Monitors are an ideal way to keep track of your electricity usage at.. Read More

Nitrogen Dioxide Levels in Dublin higher than the EU average. Air Quality action plan required!

According to the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report there are dangerously high levels.. Read More

How can you make your home more energy efficient and what grants are available to the general household?

There has been a lot of talk about the Irish climate change action strategy,.. Read More

myecohub article

Irish Climate Change action Strategy

Today the Government of Ireland unveiled a new climate change action strategy that will.. Read More

One single person is ingesting a credit card worth of plastic a week new study finds.

A study commissioned last week by Australia’s university of Newcastle states that the average.. Read More

Offshore wind farms proposed for Irish coast

Recently there has been a lot of talk about introducing multiple offshore renewable energy.. Read More

How to be eco-friendlier on holidays this summer.

Holiday season is upon us, and the question is how can you be more.. Read More

The Climate Crisis Bill Ireland

This day last week Ireland became the second country in the world to give.. Read More