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About Us

Founder and  owner Paul O Reilly says “myEcoHub was created to help us on our journey to more sustainable living. At myEcoHub we have a distinctive ethos, thereby creating a healthy home with better air quality and more sustainable comfort is considered an essential first step in tackling today’s global environmental challenges. The aim is to create an Eco-friendly home environment that benefits the individual but also can benefit the planet around us.

Issues such as reduced home energy use, more zero waste choices, greater respect for water, reduced use of plastics, a greater understanding of the pollutant and toxic effect everyday household cleaning and beauty products have not just on our health, but the health of the earth. These are big issues but tackling them starts with each and every one of us at a personal level and in our own homes.

With the proliferation of un-labeled chemicals entering our homes in such guises as fire retardants, color dyes, paints, cleaning products, children’s toys, plastics, non-stick pots, and pans etc. the quality of air in the home is becoming ever more toxic. The introduction of air sealed double glazed windows without adequate ventilation hasn’t helped and this problem is further exasperated with our ever-more airtight buildings.

“Ireland has the fourth highest prevalence of asthma in the world”

– According to the Asthma Society of Ireland

myEcoHub was created to help on this essential journey to more sustainable living. Here we provide guidance in the form of books, pamphlets, leaflets and personal advice. We also provide sustainable solutions, in the form of energy, waste, and water efficiency products. We have natural organic health and beauty ranges whereby all products in myEcoHub are non-toxic and chemical free. We also provide an extensive range of Irish, organic, Fairtrade and educational products.

According to Paul the key issues affecting climate change and diminishing global bio-diversity all start in the home.

Paul O’Reilly

Is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and energy consultant with over 25 years experience advising both public and private sector organizations on energy saving matters in the built environment. He is also an energy auditor who has visited hundreds of buildings, including homes, schools, offices, shops, community halls, factories etc., advising clients about energy efficiency, cost-effective improvements and the role renewables can play in the future environment. Paul has written many articles on energy conservation, sustainability and renewable energy generation and recently published a book “The Smart Citizen’s Guide to Save Energy…”.

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