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5 Simple Tips to be more Eco-Friendly

Nov 13, 2018

Switching to Eco-Friendly doesn’t have to be a chore and can actually, for the most part, be quite a self satisfying and enlightening experience. Here are our 5 tips to help you make the switch to an eco-friendly, sustainable and healthier living.

  1. Ditch the plastic toothbrush and swabs – Switching to bamboo toothbrush and cotton swabs produced from replenish-able and managed natural resources is possibly the easiest step towards a healthier planet.
  2. Try chemical free alternatives to beauty and body care products – Many cosmetics and body care products contain chemicals harmful to you and to the environment. These chemicals continue to effect your environment when they are washed down the drain and absorb in the ground. You can go that extra step and switch to shampoo bars too, which My Eco Hub hope to provide very soon, but for now, we have these.
  3. Chose products with paper packaging instead of plastic – Not all plastic is recyclable and a lot of it ends up not being recycled, turning up in our country side and oceans. Why not try to use paper where possible? Paper can be sourced from managed forestry and is biodegradable.
  4. Try chemical free home cleaning products, or make your own – There are some great and effective recipes online for home cleaning products using easily sourced household items, such as Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda. Do a quick google and you might be surprised at what you can make at home!
  5. Reusable Cups & Bottles – One of our biggest problems is throw away plastic bottles and coffee cups. If we all switched to reusable bamboo, glass and stainless steel coffee cups and bottles. See some of the reusable cups and bottles we supply here.

We don’t need to be change dramatically, but we do need to change. Think about where our refuse ends up when we throw it away and wash it down the drain. Use Plastic Free & Toxin Free alternatives we’re we can. Make our homes more efficient in energy, water and air usage, cutting down on wastage. The future of our planet is in our hands. It takes small changes, in the home and office, in the goods we buy, to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. If we all do our little bit, we can make a big difference.